Starring Gene Simmons of KISS ?!

Otherwise Normal adds Gene Simmons of Kiss to its line up!!!

Here is the incontrovertible photographic record of the event.

On a Sunday afternoon a few autumns back "Otherwise Normal" was playing at a school picnic on the westside of L.A. when one of the parents, Gene Simmons of Kiss, offered to join us for a song. Not surprisingly we replied "Cool!" and ran through a tune with the legendary rocker. I introduced him to the crowd by saying "...the group has an intern program for promising young talent. Now this fellow's name is Gene and he'll be playing bass on a song with us. Give him a nice welcome, won't you?"

As word got 'round that Gene was gearing up, a huge crowd gathered in front of the stage. He played "Money" with us, (fabulously, I might add) gave us all high fives and left the stage. The four of us in the band just looked at one another with grins a mile wide and continued our set - about six inches off the ground. Here are a few photos of Otherwise Normal's brush with fame.


The Photos

kiss b
kiss a
kiss c
kiss d

kiss g