Otherwise Normal is a Los Angeles-based cover band formed in 1998. The group's primary focus is on Beatles and other 60s British Invasion bands, but we also play the likes of the Bowie, The Police and the Talking Heads. The members of the band include a computer programmer, an internal medicine physician and a classical radio DJ.


canoga 11/16/11

Otherwise Normal Back to the Winnetka Bowl

Next Wednesday, October 24th at 8pm, Otherwise Normal returns for another semi-acoustic/sorta-kinda-pretty-much-unplugged-but-not really-actually set at the Winnetka Bowl. Wednesday nights at The Bowl are given over to musicians from the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra, who offer anything from chamber music to, well, guests like Otherwise Normal. As always, we played a few new (for us, anyway) tunes from the Beatles songbook and more.  As always, we're bringing a few new (for us) tunes, including a ditty by Del Shannon. Hope to see you Wednesday!

- Rich Capparela

"Lane 33" at the Winnetka Bowl
20122 Vanowen Street, Winnetka
Free admission/two drink minimum
(includes soft drinks, juice, bottled water)
Persons under 21 years of age not admitted

1/30/13 Canoga Bowl - YouTube video of "Wonderwall"




1/30/13 Canoga Bowl - YouTube video of "Happiness is a Warm Gun"




8/5/12 - "I am the Walrus" Rehearsal Video (165 mb...give it time)

And here it is on YouTube






Clyde Porter's West Valley Playhouseclyde porter playhouse


In December of 2011 the band appeared at Clyde Porter's West Valley Playhouse in Woodland Hills/Canoga Park for a fund raiser on behalf of the Rotary Club. The evening included a buffet dinner followed by tunes provided by Otherwise Normal in the 150-seat theater.







ymca movie


Check out this YouTube video to see a rooftop performance at the Santa Monica Family YMCA in July of 2009. We play the second half of the Abbey Road medley, right up to The End. Sure that's ambitious for a four-piece band — live, no less — but that's just how we roll.




If you've got 2 minutes, here are 22 songs. See if you can you name them all.

(Couldn't catch every one? Move the mouse here for a cheat sheet.) Or click here.
















Otherwise Normal Rocks Marina Del Rey We've played a number of times at Fisherman's Village in Marina Del Rey. We serve up our usual covers of Beatles, etc. and give out a slew of classical CDs to lucky attendees during random trivia quizes.

(Thanks to Ernie & Sara Vance for the photo - right)










The Members of the Band

Rich Capparela: lead vocal, guitar, keyboards

(Classical DJ)


Rob Davis: lead guitar


(Computer Programmer)

Juse Woythaler: bass guitar


(Cardiologist/Internal Medicine)